Evaluation of Company Potential in Process of Changes

70% of companies which do not involve their staff from the start fail in the process.
In general, exists a fear of changes. This is an area of staff discomfort • What’s the point to staff changing their habits? • Training in new technologies and techniques? These questions will need to be answered before we begin the process of changes. To avoid this fear we propose to make first a state-of-art diagnosis of the company and staff, and advise you how to conduct the company in the changes.

Supporting of Client Oriented Approach

Why the client would buy from you (even paying more) or do exist good reason to buy through an e-commerce outlet or through your concurrence? The question is crusial because if your answer is not convincing, the customer will leave. The proper answer lies in: HOW TO REACT? • A personalized introducing • A knowledge of the history of your business relationship • The quality of the advice • Service, Marketing, Logistics • Product availability • The originality of your proposals • Understanding the price

Know your Customers Better (Big Data)

Normally we collect a lot of information about our customers and we don’t analyze it. All this information must be centralized in the BIG DATA and used later.
• To remind customers that they ordered certain products this time in the past, to inform them that they could also sell complementar products (cross selling)
• To offer well adapted promotions
• To react on personalized demands

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Marketing Disruption

Until now, marketing has been targeted as statistical “data mass” as well as an platform to offer products to clients. Nowadays each client is targeted in individual way:
• Customer (wants & needs)
• Communication
• Cost
• Convenience

Develop Digital Marketing

Considering that most active people - around 55 years old, are on a social network as well as all decision makers, responsible;
That all students are on multiple networks and that all children are born with networks; It is clear that this is becoming and will soon be the only way to communicate between and with people.
On the other hand it is important to constantly find new customers (15% of existing customers disappear each year).
Informing, contacting, inviting your existing customers, requires developing its network as widely as possible.

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