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EX-CONSULT Export Consulting

Company EX-CONSULT - Export Consulting has been created in 2016 by Jaroslaw Bator (called Jerry by corporation partners in the U.S). The main purpose that time was to help companies from CEE to expand international. In the first years company focused into Polish manufacturers of construction products willing to expand into highly competitive and conservative markets. EX-CONSULT makes that accessible in area of whole Europe. Ex-Consult is specialised mostly in the following markets: Swiss, France, Benelux and Scandinavia and CEE. Using of J. Bator experience EX-CONSULT is operating now successful in more than 15 countries of EMEA. Parallelly, EX-CONSULT has been supporting Scandinavian Companies, like Active Elements, Innenco, Proprium to develop international expansion and a range of energy saving technology in construction.

2019 was a breakthrough concerning new approach concept into the business development and expanding a range of new activities. Company started to be active in Inbound Marketing and virtual sales thanks to partnership with CD Consult in France. Company EX-Consult become an Ambassador of Cd-Consult in area of “virtual sales” technology and trainings. Virtual Selling technology, developed based on years of the experience of our Canadian partner, become for EX-CONSULT a key technique. We use it not only for new clients searching, mainly we use it for looking for creating of international distribution network, new market segments entering, new products demand creating and brand upgrading among professionals and end users. It gives significant costs savings and possibility to deep penetration of targeted market.

Moreover, Ex-Consult found American partner to develop area of services for U.S and Canada and becoming finally the overseas operating company in area of services extended for strategic analysis that covers all major strategic needs.

In 2020 together with Daniel Cormenier, Ann Lemaire and Rena Senguttuvan we created new concept of trainings for medium and small size companies to react on transformation of markets and sales techniques into more virtual and client oriented. Nowadays we focus into new sales techniques with utilisation of modern tools: social media, webinars, virtual interactive trainings and presentations. We learn how to use modern tools like social media to find new clients, expand new territories, and explore new market segments, support sub-distributors and sales team.


Training will make the difference between you, competition and e-commerce. That’s why a customer would agree to come to you to buy something, even more expensive.

The Service and the Advicing

Your sales people must be the most welcoming and well-trained staff in all fields, they must be multi-specialists. Training is crucial, but it takes time, and poses the problem of transforming the person in training process.

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