Offer of Services held by Ex-Consult

International Support and Development, International Distribution Setting-Up

Main our task is to look for international importers/distributors in different countries.
This service would be offered in two ways:

  • Traditional way - B2B, based on consultants/salesmen, operating in 20+ countries. Our staff, based ondifferent 7 countries wouldfind the demands for products and look for manufacturers in CEE/EU.
  • Virtual way, by using virtual sales techniques. In such way based on clients demand we target: countries, market segments, new clients, professional groups (e.g. architects) – in one country or for several countries of a region.

Trainings Targeting Ineternational and Domestic Sustainability Sales Growth with using of the E-Tools and Techniques​

First Course : How to get the Appointments with Prospects by using "virtual selling" Approach

  • TRAINING BY WEBINAIR: branding, upgrading and inserting high-performance keywords
  • Targeting of future clients/distributors by using of proper method
  • Second Training by Webinair: Presence and Digital Content

Second Course: Become an Expert in Virtual Selling

Part 1: Improvement of Virtual Presence

  • PHASE 1 : Brand and image. Upgrading of L-in profile
  • PHASE 2 : Targeting of Valuable Prospects

Part 2: From Virtual Network to Reality

  • PHASE 3 : Presence and Digital Content
  • PHASE 4 : Contact Preparation
  • PHASE 5 : Virtual Appointment Leading to an Inquiry and Finally to first order

Third Course: "The Commercial Revolution - Virtual Approach, Inbound Marketing Creation for Small and medium Companies"

  • INTRODUCTION: Training will make the difference between you, competition and e-commerce.
  • WHY: will a customer agree to come to you to buy something, even more expensive?
  • FINALLY: Your salespeople must be themost welcomed and well-trained in all fields, they must bethe multi-specialists to help their clients to get new business and sales

How to do it Phase-by-Phase?

  • Evaluatethe Company Potentialin Process of Changes
  • Support Client Oriented Approach
  • Know your Customers better by Big Data
  • Use Marketing Disruption
  • Develop Digital Marketing

General Business and Training Conditions:

  • Please note: We start after getting back of our signed offer or signed contract for each service/training.
  • For initial and portion payments we issue always VAT invoice.
  • Please be informed, that an initial prepayment receive amount to €400 (€100 in case of training 2.1.) and functions as a confirmation of each training program (or service) starting.
  • Before going to next phase we issue a VAT invoice for finished phase (initial payment €400/€100 will be deducted of course).
  • Please be sure that the designated trainee persons have the necessary equipment and agree to use it: a computer, a tablet, a phone – all devices connected to the Internet
  • We send you in advance of the training sessions all dates and timing of the sessions and all necessary logins and passwords (these are 60-minute sessions minimum, VERY IMPORTANT to connect at least 10 minutes before session starting).

Account no. for payments, IBANs:

– (€) PL 89 1050 1041 1000 0097 2646 4721

– ($) PL 38 1050 1054 1000 0097 0617 3888

–  (zł)PL 35 1050 1041 1000 0092 7545 7209


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